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Latest episode
42 min
Feb 23, 2024

TOP CMO: Jay Livingston, Shake Shack - 'Marketing Meets Menu'

Latest episodes

Feb 16, 2024
41 min
Episode 23

TOP CEO: Shufflrr- 'The Spotlight' (With James Ontra)

Feb 16, 2024
39 min
Episode 57

TOP CMO: Mandy Dhaliwal, Nutanix - 'Chaos in the Cloud'

Feb 9, 2024
40 min
Episode 22

TOP CEO: ButcherBox- 'The Crossroads' (With Mike Salguero)

Feb 2, 2024
58 mins

抱怨 | Mandarin and English Podcast

Feb 1, 2024
5 mins

13. Spaghetti | Because someone said we couldn't do westerns

Feb 1, 2024
39 min
Episode 21

TOP CEO: TextNow- 'The Code of Connection' (With Derek Ting)

Jan 25, 2024
50 min
Episode 20

TOP CEO: Avaya - 'The Resurgence' (With Alan Masarek)

Jan 19, 2024
34 min
Episode 56

TOP CMO: Jessica Gilmartin, Calendly- 'Redefining Team Dynamics'

Jan 15, 2024
9 mins

12. Elevator | Making Elevator Mechanics interesting

Jan 12, 2024
28 min
Episode 55

TOP CMO: Bruno Trimouille, Litera - 'Breaking Boundaries'

Jan 5, 2024
52 min
Episode 9

We Are San Francisco: 'Reversing City Dysfunction' with Myrna Melgar

Jan 5, 2024
38 min
Episode 54

TOP CMO: Alice Milligan, Morgan Stanley - 'Trading Traditions for Trends'

Dec 29, 2023
42 min
Episode 8

We Are San Francisco: 'Empowering Local Business' with Rodney Fong

Dec 29, 2023
34 min
Episode 53

TOP CMO: Ashish Kuthiala, Traceable - 'From Obscure to Omnipresent'

Dec 22, 2023
45 min
Episode 52

TOP CMO: Alyson Griffin, Statefarm - 'Branding Beyond Boundaries'

Dec 18, 2023
49 min
Episode 7

We Are San Francisco: 'Building Movements' with Lily Ho

Dec 15, 2023
38 min
Episode 51

TOP CMO: Betsey Chung, TD Bank- 'Heart Meets Finance'

Dec 12, 2023
55 min
Episode 6

We Are San Francisco: 'Staffing Police' with Matt Dorsey

Dec 8, 2023
34 min
Episode 50

TOP CMO: Brad Audet, Mazda USA- 'Driving Human-Centric Innovation'

Nov 24, 2023
41 min

TOP CMO: Kory Marchisotto, e.l.f Beauty- 'Risk, Fail, Transform, Triumph'

Nov 17, 2023
36 min
Episode 48

TOP CMO: Melissa Grady Dias, Cadillac- 'Boldness in Branding'

Nov 10, 2023
49 min
Episode 47

TOP CMO: Elina Vilk, Hootsuite- 'Elements of Marketing'

Nov 3, 2023
43 min
Episode 46

TOP CMO: Shane Murphy-Reuter, Webflow - 'Empower, Lead, Innovate'

Nov 3, 2023
45 min
Episode 19

TOP CEO: Foodora - 'The Tightrope' (With Hans Skruvfors)

Oct 20, 2023
36 min
Episode 45

TOP CMO: Norman Guadagno, Mimecast - 'The Boo-Boo Theory of Risk'

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Federico Ferreira
Podcast / Sound Editor
An expert in audio engineering, Federico brings a multitude of skills to TOP Thought Leader, taking the sound production of both podcasts and video to the next level, every time.
Franco Fiuza
Video Editor
Franco Fiuza is a Video Editor at TOP Thought Leader with over 8 years of freelance experience. Prior to joining TOP Thought Leader, he worked as a Motion Graphic Designer at RAPP, focusing on projects for Mercedes-Benz. He has also held positions at Mindcircus Agency and Casa Kiev. Based in Argentina, Franco specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, making him proficient in both video editing and motion graphics.
Pedro Krause
Meet Pedro Krause, our dynamic new Copywriter at TOP Thought Leader! With a diverse background in social media and academic writing, Pedro brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skill to the team. Pedro is passionate about storytelling and is excited to elevate our podcast and stackable content to new heights.