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Latest episode
30 min
May 10, 2024

TOP CMO: Michael Sanders, Kaseya- 'The Entrepreneurial CMO'

Latest episodes

May 10, 2024
44 min
Episode 26

TOP CEO: Tome Biosciences - 'The Genes of Tomorrow' (With Rahul Kakkar)

May 10, 2024
61 min
Episode 17

WE ARE SAN FRANCISCO: Meet The Candidates: Brooke Jenkins

May 9, 2024
43 min
Episode 69

TOP CMO: John Solomon, Therabody- 'From Garage Gadget to Global Wellness'

May 3, 2024
31 min
Episode 68

TOP CMO: Ed Breault, Malbek - 'Innovate or Stagnate'

May 3, 2024
41 min
Episode 6

BREAK THE INTERNET: Sarah Laming: Viral by Design

Apr 26, 2024
33 min
Episde 67

TOP CMO: Jenna Lebel, Liberty Mutual Insurance - 'From Emus to Impact'

Apr 26, 2024
45 min
Episode 16

We Are San Francisco: Chesa Boudin

Apr 19, 2024
24 min
Episode 66

TOP CMO: Mandeep Khera, SecureAuth - 'From Contact to Contract'

Apr 12, 2024
35 min
Episode 65

TOP CMO: Becky Moffat, HSBC UK - 'From Insights to Impact'

Apr 5, 2024
29 min
Episode 64

TOP CMO: Carolyn Dawkins, David Yurman- 'Artistry in Branding'

Apr 5, 2024
51 min
Episode 15

We Are San Francisco: Meet The Candidates: Catherine Stefani

Mar 29, 2024
42 min
Episode 25

TOP CEO: Gabb - 'The Final Reboot' (With Nate Randall)

Mar 29, 2024
37 min
Episode 63

TOP CMO: Emily Ketchen, Lenovo - 'Customer-First Strategy Shift'

Mar 28, 2024
76 min
Episode 14

We Are San Francisco: Meet the Candidates: Ahsha Safai

Mar 25, 2024
43 min
Episode 4

BREAK THE INTERNET: Neil Patel: The Blueprint for Viral Success

Mar 22, 2024
34 min
Episode 62

TOP CMO: Khalid El Khatib, Stack Overflow- 'Tech Leadership Transformed'

Mar 22, 2024
54 min
Episode 3

Break The Internet: Kyana Sue Powers: The CEO of Iceland

Mar 18, 2024
43 min
Episode 1

Break The Internet: Kaiti Yoo: Crafting Virality, Fashion, and Humor

Mar 18, 2024
13 min
Episode 2

Break The Internet: Khalid El Khatib: A Christmas Itinerary That Broke the Internet

Mar 15, 2024
40 min
Episode 61

TOP CMO: Michelle Peterson, Kendra Scott- 'Crafting Connections'

Mar 8, 2024
34 min
Episode 60

TOP CMO: Fara Howard, GoDaddy- 'Beyond Domains'

Mar 8, 2024
48 min
Episode 13

We Are San Francisco: Meet the Candidates: Daniel Lurie

Mar 8, 2024
9 min
Episode 14

Unboredify!: The Fine Print | An Action Movie | Making Printers Interesting

Mar 1, 2024
27 min
Episode 59

TOP CMO: Amanda Cole, Bloomreach - 'Marketing's AI Evolution'

Mar 1, 2024
38 min
Episode 24

TOP CEO: Vitatek- 'The Device' (With Jason Scherer)

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Federico Ferreira
Podcast / Sound Editor
An expert in audio engineering, Federico brings a multitude of skills to TOP Thought Leader, taking the sound production of both podcasts and video to the next level, every time.
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Video Editor
Franco Fiuza is a Video Editor at TOP Thought Leader with over 8 years of freelance experience. Prior to joining TOP Thought Leader, he worked as a Motion Graphic Designer at RAPP, focusing on projects for Mercedes-Benz. He has also held positions at Mindcircus Agency and Casa Kiev. Based in Argentina, Franco specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, making him proficient in both video editing and motion graphics.
Jackson Carpenter
Vice President of Client Strategy at TOP Agency
Leading persuasion campaigns for organizations of all sizes | Branding, Publicity, Marketing | Multifamily RE Investor