We Are San Francisco

We Are San Francisco is a first-of-its-kind dialogue with San Francisco’s change-makers, community activists, influencers, leaders, and everyday citizens about the future direction of our 7x7 city. Listen to the podcast that’s more than a podcast.

Dec 29, 2023
42 min
Episode 8

We Are San Francisco: 'Empowering Local Business' with Rodney Fong

Dec 18, 2023
49 min
Episode 7

We Are San Francisco: 'Building Movements' with Lily Ho

Dec 12, 2023
55 min
Episode 6

We Are San Francisco: 'Staffing Police' with Matt Dorsey

Sep 27, 2023
27 min
Episode 5

We Are San Francisco: 'Elevating Asian Issues' with Forrest Liu

Jul 4, 2023
53 min
Episode 3

We Are San Francisco: 'Fixing City Government' with Kanishka Cheng

Jun 19, 2023
36 mins

We Are San Francisco: 'Making Change Happen' with Chris Larsen

Jun 15, 2023
27 mins

We Are San Francisco: 'Solving Housing' with Sam Moss

Apr 1, 2022
We Are San Francisco

We Are San Francisco: Announcing the Podcast That is More Than a Podcast

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Franco Fiuza
Video Editor
Franco Fiuza is a Video Editor at TOP Thought Leader with over 8 years of freelance experience. Prior to joining TOP Thought Leader, he worked as a Motion Graphic Designer at RAPP, focusing on projects for Mercedes-Benz. He has also held positions at Mindcircus Agency and Casa Kiev. Based in Argentina, Franco specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, making him proficient in both video editing and motion graphics.
Twyla Verhelst
Host - Freshbooks
With a diverse, strategy-focused skill set that spans accounting, entrepreneurship, and software innovation I've made it my mission to inspire others to challenge the way things have always been done with a focus on making an exponential impact on the evolution of the accounting profession and the business owners it serves. I'm a former founder of an advisory-led firm, which means I know first hand the transformative power of technology in delivering high-value client experiences. In fact, I applied this knowledge and expertise while creating Collaborative Accounting™ at FreshBooks, an innovative methodology that fuses technology, people and streamlined workflows. This evolved way of working empowers accountants to deepen their client relationships and unlock their own unique advisory expertise. Doing things differently. Some of my other projects include creating the Women in Accounting Mentorship platform as well as the Video per Day Experiment.
Pedro Krause
Meet Pedro Krause, our dynamic new Copywriter at TOP Thought Leader! With a diverse background in social media and academic writing, Pedro brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skill to the team. Pedro is passionate about storytelling and is excited to elevate our podcast and stackable content to new heights.