Apr 1, 2022
We Are San Francisco

We Are San Francisco: Announcing the Podcast That is More Than a Podcast

We’re starting a first-of-its-kind dialogue with San Francisco’s change-makers, community activists, influencers, leaders, and everyday citizens. 

Five years ago San Francisco was the envy of the world.  It was the undisputed capitol of cutting-edge technology.  It had a tapestry of communities and culture — ranging from Chinese and Mexican to Muslim and LGBTQ+ — living in harmony and inclusiveness.  From all corners of the globe, everyone wanted to come see San Francisco or else emulate it back home.

But many now believe that San Francisco is headed in the wrong direction.

From homelessness to housing costs and crime to education, this is the show that finds practical solutions.

Listen to the podcast that’s more than a podcast.

New episodes will always updated regularly

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