Twyla Verhelst

With a diverse, strategy-focused skill set that spans accounting, entrepreneurship, and software innovation I've made it my mission to inspire others to challenge the way things have always been done with a focus on making an exponential impact on the evolution of the accounting profession and the business owners it serves. I'm a former founder of an advisory-led firm, which means I know first hand the transformative power of technology in delivering high-value client experiences. In fact, I applied this knowledge and expertise while creating Collaborative Accounting™ at FreshBooks, an innovative methodology that fuses technology, people and streamlined workflows. This evolved way of working empowers accountants to deepen their client relationships and unlock their own unique advisory expertise. Doing things differently. Some of my other projects include creating the Women in Accounting Mentorship platform as well as the Video per Day Experiment.

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Jackson Carpenter
Vice President of Client Strategy at TOP Agency
Leading persuasion campaigns for organizations of all sizes | Branding, Publicity, Marketing | Multifamily RE Investor
Franco Fiuza
Video Editor
Franco Fiuza is a Video Editor at TOP Thought Leader with over 8 years of freelance experience. Prior to joining TOP Thought Leader, he worked as a Motion Graphic Designer at RAPP, focusing on projects for Mercedes-Benz. He has also held positions at Mindcircus Agency and Casa Kiev. Based in Argentina, Franco specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, making him proficient in both video editing and motion graphics.
Pedro Krause
Meet Pedro Krause, our dynamic new Copywriter at TOP Thought Leader! With a diverse background in social media and academic writing, Pedro brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skill to the team. Pedro is passionate about storytelling and is excited to elevate our podcast and stackable content to new heights.
Nicholas Yip
Social Media Coordinator & Graphic Designer
Nicholas has a wealth of experience in both social media management and in graphic design. Putting his creative graphic design talents to the test every episode we deliver, and coming up with engaging content and social media plans.
Federico Ferreira
Podcast / Sound Editor
An expert in audio engineering, Federico brings a multitude of skills to TOP Thought Leader, taking the sound production of both podcasts and video to the next level, every time.
Warren Douglas Coetzer
Video Editor
Warren Douglas Coetzer is a story harvester by nature who uses video as his primary tool in creating engaging content. He began my work journey in the television industry with a focus on Reality Programming and today utilizes Graphic Design, Video Production, Video Editing and Motion Design as arrows in his creative quiver as he hunts for the perfect story.
Meghna Suresh
Outreach Manager
Meghna Suresh is a versatile Outreach Manager at TOP Thought Leader, with a strong background in media production and guest booking. Her experience as a Producer at NDTV Convergence Limited has endowed her with a profound understanding of video and media production, content strategy, and social media communications. She also excelled at managing guest relations during her stint as an Event Coordinator for NASSCOM 2016. Meghna's diverse roles have allowed her to navigate the multimedia landscape effectively, and she brings this extensive knowledge to her current role, driving business development and strategic communications with a comprehensive understanding of the multimedia sector.
Ben Kaplan
CEO + Host
Ben Kaplan is founder and CEO of TOP, the parent company of 12 leading global agencies including TOP Agency (PR and integrated marketing), TOP Government (politics and issue advocacy), and TOP Data (polling and market research). Kaplan is also a prize-winning Harvard-trained economist who previously served as a case writer at Harvard Business School, the Nasdaq Stock Market, and the National Bureau of Economic Research.
Tom Cain
VP of Digital Media & Content
As the Vice President of Digital Media & Content, Tom Cain leverages his passion for storytelling and a strong aptitude for transforming creative concepts into engaging content. He directs the development of innovative digital strategies that exceed expectations, exemplified by his success in leading podcast projects from inception to over a million downloads. His keen understanding of audience preferences and his ability to craft captivating content underscore his track record of achievement, making him a driving force behind ambitious digital media projects.
Mauro Suchodolski
Podcast Editor
Mauro Suchodolski is a highly skilled and versatile podcast and radio professional with over a decade of experience in audio editing, production, and technical operations. With a proven track record of success, including working as a Sound Engineer/Producer at Agencia Nacional de Noticias Télam SE and holding key positions at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung,,, and TOP Worldwide, Mauro has demonstrated exceptional expertise in podcast and radio production, scriptwriting, and sound engineering. His passion, dedication, and impressive skillset make him an invaluable asset to any team looking to create engaging and high-quality audio content.