May 1, 2023
Episode 12

Break the Internet: Launching a New Show on How Content + Culture Goes Viral

TOP Thought Leader is very excited to announce a first-of-it’s-kind podcast tells the behind-the-scenes stories of instant cultural trends, social media sensations, buzzworthy memes, viral videos, and global movements — and the people who create and amplify them.

Each episode features a top influencer, creator, thought leader, or celebrity — the ones who not only capture lightning in a bottle but can also recognize it, enhance it, and ultimately unleash it to the world.

So what does it take to create click-worthy and shareworthy moments that trigger emotions and spread like wildfire?  Any who are the influencers  with unique skill sets to light the spark?

So don’t just settle for some nice content and a few thousand views…. Today is the day to Break the Internet!

New episodes will always updated regularly

Waste of resources our competitors are jumping the shark.
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